There is something about Sweden that satisfies my soul.

Maybe this will come as a shock to many, but Sweden is an appropriate getaway for the romantic couple wanting a ‘perfect life’, to start a family in a perfect country like Sweden.


Apart from the obvious support given by the government to its people, Sweden has Stockholm. The city of romance where almost every street leads to a view of a river or some form of water. With beautiful architecture and wonderfully cute old cafes scattered around the old town, walking around Stockholm is definitely amusing.   Stockholm

Stockholm! A small city compared to my home town London, much to my satisfaction. This perfect little city captures the essence of Swedish mentality and perfection, by perfection I mean the symmetry, something I am obsessed with aesthetically, the realism in their classic sculptures, modern art carefully placed around the city, entertaining the eye in every corner.

As well as the streets of Stockholm, the people that live there seem to all agree on a dress code, personal manor and of course hair colour, before leaving their cute little apartments to majestically walk the streets. Something I also noticed and found slightly eerie.

I am in constant awe of the Swedish beauty, maybe this is according to taste and not everyone’s cup of tea, but hey these people are definitely my definition of good looking. You walk around Stockholm feeling certainly under dressed  slightly shabby but not as out of place as you would feel in say, Malmö, where there is less of a racial mix and diversity of tourists.

The people in Stockholm will be more adapted to the lost tourist therefore happier to assist you on anything you need assisting, from ‘where is the nearest corner shop?’ to ‘where can I get a good drink?’. The Swedes are surprisingly outgoing once you’ve warmed up their ice cold exterior with a little alcohol, they’re a great time!

I was particularly surprised with the laid back attitude at clubs and bars of the age mix, the absolute acceptance of this odd mix was visible to an outsider. Seeing an older lady in a skin tight, checked short dress, dancing like Madonna and no one but me gobsmacked by her, was definitely a reality check for me, coming from a more judging environment. I love it here!

HOWEVER! Stockholm is slightly expensive if you do not have a inside guide to the bargains and cheaper places to eat and drink. You will find yourself slightly lost and skint if you’re not careful! Come prepared with a packed itinerary so you can avoid wasting allot of money for things you can buy for a third of the price anywhere else.


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