Dirty Burger

Being taken to Dirty Burger for the first time, driven around the long way making sure that I am disorientated. We finally get there and I’m amazed at how bright and obvious the restaurant is, considering my friends had gone on and on about how hidden it is. Little did I know we would be going ruound the back, where I expected the main restaurants bins where, the fire exit or a group of chefs smoking. To my surprise I am presented with a small metal mesh cube with an industrial door and a hand painted sign saying ‘Dirty Burger Open’.

Walking in the shack I was pleasantly surprised by the thick heat moistened with friendly acceptance, I could tell this was where I would come back again and again. This was even before I had tasted their ONE burger… so listen to this…

The simple hungry human craves a simple filling menu, what better than to be presented with ONE option beating them allll! and if you’re feeling on the complicated side then you have a choice of two sides! So I made my choices and sat down at the ONE table they had with all the other Dirty ‘members’ eating their small chunky burgers passionately. Mine was ready for me abruptly…

I bit into it and knew from the moment my teeth sank into the bun, the beef, crunched through the pickle and stretched at the cheese, this was a great burger. Moist yet crisp the burger gifted my mouth with different textures. For some reason this particular burger was different from all the others…why I will never know and this is the reason I continue to return to the warm shack in search for answers…. right?

photo (5)

photo (4)


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