Le Relais de Venise

On that particular day, unlike most days, we decided it was a good idea to eat out and that we didn’t mind venturing out into the city as long as it was a good place because we were very hungry.

So I picked the place and based my decision upon a close friends suggestion, and he’s the kind of guy that you trust he definitely knows what he’s doing when it comes to food. He suggested that we visit this place because the meat is exquisite and as meat eaters we would love it there. We got in the car and set of to the restaurant on Marylebone Lane. Parked the car, got out and set of to find the place. We probably walked passed it twice due to its conspicuous name and small font. We then had to carefully place ourselves in the cue that had formed outside (because the restaurant doesn’t do reservations). As we waited I peered in through the restaurant windows to see what people were eating and what we should expect, all I could see on people’s plates was fries, the waitress had a large plate full of fries too, she was handing out extras to scattered people. I saw empty plates so I guessed the food must have been great!

Hungry and curious it was finally our turn to be seated. Once we sat and got comfortable the waitress came over without a menu and looking ready to snap at whoever questioned her next. So I knew asking for a menu would be outrageous, I simply asked her what they have, to which she replied very simply ‘the steak with fries’….I understood that this place was keeping things simple, which I really appreciate in a hungry state. However for a vegetarian at the table there seamed to only be one option, the cheese plater. Once we ordered and got our drinks blah blah blah the food finally arrived. Sorry I mean the sad looking salad starter which I hated, covered in strong lip stinging mustard and sparsely sprinkled in walnuts, it was a true struggle to find them in the two leaves in that plate.

The real food finally arrived after that, not very flattering looking the plate seamed like something I would have got together at home quick. Yet refusing to judge a book on its cover I waited to try the meat. cutting through the thin slices of meat I felt with my knife exactly what it would taste like. I knew it would be soft, juicy, strong in flavour and melt in your mouth, I just knew it! It was great. Scoffed down in about five minutes that was my meal gone. I watched as my vegetarian friend sat on the side nibbling her four cheeses which she fought with the waitress for, apparently they have a very strict allowance as to how much cheese you get on your plate. I felt bad for her and her cheeses knowing that I had just eaten a lovely part of a steak…. or had I. That is exactly what I felt, as though I had imagined eating the meat. The waitress came over with the second half of our steak and more fries. Lovely! I’m allowed to eat more, thank you miss waitress, thank you Le Relais de Venise, thank you for allowing me to eat what I paid a large sum of money for.

This is how that moment felt…. I’m still very hungry






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