What happens when there’s No Motivation


We all have to be honest with ourselves and admit to those lazy, unwashed, uncombed, overfed gloomy days we punish ourselves with, feeling as though we’ve caused much damage to our body. Now that you’ve admitted to them…nothing changes.

There is nothing, not yoga, not social events and definitely not work that can get me out of these gloom days, and I say days because these are many days not just moments. There are those that proudly complain ‘I can’t afford those lazy days, who’s gonna go to work, who’s gonna face this busy daily schedule I have?’ Well I tell you you’re also not doing your body much justice either.

Meditation is recommended daily, fruit and vegetables, water, exercise, fun, all activities you should be doing daily. Once the lack of motivation virus grabs hold of you, it’s a downward spiral. I start eliminating difficult tasks by order of difficulty ending up with survival tasks like eat, poop and sleep!


How does anyone get out of this cycle of self-hatred, this self-damaging routine. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up really happy and energetic ready to go out finish exercise and food really early ready for a day of productivity, full of life?

There are a few ways that I’ve noticed have helped me cope on occasion;

  • Invite friends to exercise with you: Once you cancel on them twice, the shame will devour your gloom day and dominate all other feelings. I’ve come out of warm pj’s from this feeling so I know it’s powerful.


  • Talk about how productive you are to others: Fake it till you make it. I truly believe that you can convince yourself of something the more you say it. Also you may find yourself exaggerating and make your friends really proud; now that’s a goal to achieve in real life.
  • Force positivity: When it’s raining, windy and grey, get up, pop into Tesco’s and buy milk, buy some fruit or some flowers for the house. Anything that will get you out of stale air is healthy and will improve your mood even if it’s a small dose.
  • Clean: For me cleaning the space I should be productive in helps allot. I’m convinced I’m removing dust (dead follicles)and that stale air I mentioned, that’s me sitting and breathing the energy into my space, marinating in it for hours. All that needs to go!


  • MUSIC: How can we ever transfer into positivity without music, played loudly and proudly. Here’s something that recently turned my grey skies Blue (must be played moderately loud and whilst jigging);

If all of this fails then I always say to myself summer is only six/ seven months away, I’ll wait till then.


Top 5 Speeches of all time!

Funny, sad, shocking, just legendary all together. Great compilation of speeches.

Perfect Pitch

giphy (1)

World leaders, successful humans and shokingly confident ‘nobody’s’ have touched us and changed us in many ways for decades. Here is a list of legendary speeches, some obvious, some not so. The question for a few is, was the speech itself so powerful, or was the moment given to these legends, unfolded before them for them to create history. Confidence and determination to be heard is one aspect that flows through each speech in this list!

1. Ouchh Charlie:  Chaplin delivers this legendary speech, silencing his parody to moments of reflection and philosophy of peace, dictatorship and mankind….bravo Charlie

2.  Bad news barer: Robert F. Kennedy announces the death of Martin Luther King, in his sadness Kennedy attempts to call out against racism and control a nations emotion from escalation, “What we need in the United States is not division, what we need in the United States is not hatred…”

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What Yoga has done for Me


Please bare with me while I get into the spiritual, and for all you pessimists and hardcore atheists please look away this won’t be pleasant.

I don’t actually recall the exact moment where my mind commanded my legs to take me to the first yoga venue and pay for the one class. I know one thing however, once I came out of the Ashtanga class I was a new person. To be fair the weather was great and I still had the rest of the day as it was an early morning class. I walked all the way home which is not that far but would never walk that distance on a usual day. I made a pact with myself, I will stick to this forever, I will make this a way of life, I will be all that I can through this and I will achieve a headstand, fold my body in ways I couldn’t imagine. I willllll do this. That day I cleaned my room, ate tofu, didn’t smoke any cigarettes, drank 1 litre of water and wrote 30 emails for work. It was a great day. Experiencing yoga for the first time, for a moderately passive human, I might describe the experience as euphoric.

Being in a room with a professional that knows exactly how to challenge your body and a group of people that are completely calm and at one with themselves, is a great thing. Many people don’t quite grasp the art of meditation and use it as a time to think about not thinking and to concentrate on your surroundings, the people around you, yourself, how you look to others around you, thoughts on top of thoughts, making the silence unbearable and loud in their head.

This is something I enjoyed the most out of my yoga experiences so far, meditating with myself. I’m completely head over heals for myself it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ll explain what I mean by this through an example; I went to yoga on thanksgiving, and the instructor was American and mentioned the occasion and asked that we give thanks. I gave thanks to my mum, my dad, the people I love….then I stopped and thought I feel most grateful for myself, sounds selfish now but once I understood this small thing about myself I finally grasped what meditation can do for me. I’m thankful to my fingertips for feeling my mums skin, thankful to my eyes for seeing so many beautiful things and sad things and cruel things, thankful to my mouth for speaking up when my eyes saw cruelty, saw injustice, for speaking warm loving words to people around me.

Once you have felt your body from the inside out, it is impossible to not fall in love with it, unconditionally. When I meditate now I simply let my mind rest, let it be, I owe it those five ten minutes in the day to just be with itself without disturbance, Whatever disturbance occurs during this time I know must be important,  you are  human at the end of the day and all of you functions and has functioned a certain way for a long time, becoming immune to stray thoughts is almost impossible. I have simply learned to control them, acknowledge them, I let myself realise that this is something I have to eventually address.

Through meditation, I have understood the true power of my palms as well! It’s an incredible thing. However peaceful and silent my mind is as soon as I place my palms on the ground and feel the ground beneath my finger tips…..every part of my body is activated, I fight my eyelids shut, a calm state becomes difficult to achieve. There are so many sensory receptors in this area of your hand that it is impossible to not be fully aware of every fidget. Makes me feel like an animal acting on instinct and aware of every sound, movement, smell. Turning your palms upward changes the scene completely.

Once you are disconnected from the vibrations in the ground and you’ve paused your senses, suspended them into the air, a true inner calm can be achieved, you will become part of the ground, swallowed into the ground. Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, explains the importance of managing the left side of your brain that focuses mainly on analytical thoughts of the past and forming prejudgements on the present in order to manage the future. She explains that once you let the right side of your brain do some thinking you will be fully able to appreciate the moment for what it is, attach yourself to your surrounding and become one with everything around you rather than a separate individual functioning alone.

In the end, I am talking about my own experiences  and appreciate how different we all are and how differently we function, therefore understand that not everyone finds their moment in the same way.

I hope however that everyone finds their moment in the end. Finding my moment has helped me gain self respect and appreciate the finer things in life, most importantly BREATHING.


If anyone is passionate about yoga, this place is a place of perfection so I highly recommend it…..

Be Peaceful people……

You don’t need to struggle to get want you want in life. You don’t need to fight or compete to get what you want in life. You just need a peace of mind to achieve what you desire in life. Yes, peace of mind is the key factor to achieve whatever you want.

Indeed you can have what you want through competition but in order to keep it, you have to fight all the time. It is yours today but others tomorrow. You must be willing to pay for the price.

If you practice to stay positive, calm and relax all the time regardless of the circumstances, I can guarantee your life will change forever. The only thing is that you need to be patient and only time will tell when and how. When you achieve what you want through peace of mind, what you get is forever yours. No one will take it from you and no one has the right to remove that from you.