Nowhere Special

Nowhere special….it’s slightly special let’s face it. This cute little basement bar in Kentish Town is a very hipster place to get a drink. The only difference between this place and all the other hipster bars, is that this place makes you feel as though you’ve uncovered a long lost gem. That you are the claimer of the hippest bar that will ever be. You are king of the hipsters! IMG_1357

The bar is right next to the Kentish Canteen and can only be noticed if you pay close attention. These hidden bars and restaurants have become largely popular in Kentish Town. You can only lie to yourself if you say you don’t enjoy walking through a secret door, climbing down a flight of dark stairs to get to a funky looking guy at a small desk, allowing you to enter the secret ‘society’ of Nowhere Special, walking to a cave-looking booth where you and your friends can have crafted cocktails in dim light, sipping sneakily!!!! You can only lie!

No seriously, the bar is lovely, the service is great however everything is slightly random. Random interior imitating 1960’s style (not quite there) like the plastic children watering pot to serve water. Random menu, cocktail names and snacks accompanying the drink; like the whisky with apricot, dipped in caramel and dark chocolate and a cup of pop corn. As well as the occasional woofts of damp in the air. However apart from those details which can arguably be enjoyable to some, Nowhere Special is definitely somewhat special, the place offers something very few bars have been able to so far.

I do advise however that a few minor tweaks here and there will benefit the place hugely, it is after all pretty new and still testing out what’s right and what doesn’t work.

This place will definitely turn into the place you safe guard from everyone; “so where are you going on the weekend?” asks an unimportant collegue at work, “ummm probably Nowhere Special”… and all is kept a secret.


Dirty Burger

Being taken to Dirty Burger for the first time, driven around the long way making sure that I am disorientated. We finally get there and I’m amazed at how bright and obvious the restaurant is, considering my friends had gone on and on about how hidden it is. Little did I know we would be going ruound the back, where I expected the main restaurants bins where, the fire exit or a group of chefs smoking. To my surprise I am presented with a small metal mesh cube with an industrial door and a hand painted sign saying ‘Dirty Burger Open’.

Walking in the shack I was pleasantly surprised by the thick heat moistened with friendly acceptance, I could tell this was where I would come back again and again. This was even before I had tasted their ONE burger… so listen to this…

The simple hungry human craves a simple filling menu, what better than to be presented with ONE option beating them allll! and if you’re feeling on the complicated side then you have a choice of two sides! So I made my choices and sat down at the ONE table they had with all the other Dirty ‘members’ eating their small chunky burgers passionately. Mine was ready for me abruptly…

I bit into it and knew from the moment my teeth sank into the bun, the beef, crunched through the pickle and stretched at the cheese, this was a great burger. Moist yet crisp the burger gifted my mouth with different textures. For some reason this particular burger was different from all the others…why I will never know and this is the reason I continue to return to the warm shack in search for answers…. right?

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